Cities of Belarus
Now in Belarus there are 115 places of city status.
Many of them date back to the early Middle Ages,
when а considerable part of modern Belarus was associated
with the land called Garðaríki in the ancient Scandinavian sagas,
which means the country of cities.
About the project
The project is an interactive web application (map) which can be used as a reference or as a tool to study the cultural heritage and the tourist potential of Belarusian places. To date, it contains information about 60 cities, mostly about the ones that received the Magdeburg rights, had their emblem and took advantage from the appropriate amenities and liberties in the Middle Ages.
The project goal
is to accumulate knowledge about the cities of Belarus in its cultural, geographical and axiological sense, to reveal the possibilities of tourism resource base and to describe the process of formation and transformation of the names of places through history.
The project objectives
Raising awareness
Raising awareness of the cultural and tourist potential of the Belarusian cities, their role in the European and world history.
Encouraging of public debates
Encouraging of public debates on the implementation of the historical and cultural potential of the Belarusian cities as the effective resource for sustainable development.
Promoting the integrated approach
Promoting the integrated approach to the study of Belarusian cities through the dialogue and collaboration between all stakeholders, local communities.and authorities.

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